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""Immortalized in Ella Joyce""
     Linda Armstrong, Harlem News Group

""like a chat with Parks""
     Susan Gilmor, Journal Reporter, Winston Salem

"Rosa Parks Comes Alive in Houston with Ella Joyce"
     Nicole Zaza, Houston Arts

"Simply Amazing. A must see"
     Muslim Journal

"Smash hit in Jacksonville"
     Victoria Poller,

     Winston-Salem Journal

"This is a show not to be missed! Ella transforms herself and 'becomes' Rosa Parks. Fabulous!"
     Marcy Silbert, Washington, DC

"This is a magnificent play! I was fortunate to see it in Washington, DC, in Sept 2011...It is a brilliant piece of writing and acting!"
     Daisy Hannah, Washington, DC

     Darryl Reuben Hall, Founder, STAGE AURORA

"One-woman play shows Rosa Parks 'full of love'..."
     Grand Rapids Press

"...smash hit in Jacksonville. ...continues to enthrall audiences both large and small.""
     Victoria Poller, Jacksonville Events Examiner

"Smash hit in Jacksonville... Ella Joyce IS Rosa Parks.
Don't miss this stellar performance."

     Victoria Poller,

"Joyce Channels Rosa Parks in 'Rose'..."
     The Chronicle

"Simply Amazing! ...literally channels her spirit to be present right before our eyes. If you did not know Rosa Parks before, you will know her now..."
     D. Shahid Abdul Karim, MUSLIM JOURNAL

"I believe this play gives back to the community in so many ways. ...a must see."
     Leshon Jewel Rasheed, Muslim Journal

""...stunning in your performance of A Rose Among Thorns at the Billie. Your superb performance makes it all worth while for me as a producer; you left our audiences filled with joy and awe. God Bless you, Ella.""
     Marjorie Moon, Billie Holiday Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

"...refreshingly intimate. Ella Joyce's writing deeply echoed the love for Rosa Parks and her contribution to American history....."
     Nicole Zaza, Houston Arts

"Ella Joyce is mesmerizing as Parks. She brings warmth, humor and passion to the role, telling tales from Parks' life, clearing up many of the misconceptions about her case, and giving some fascinating insight into the woman..... you feel that you are just sitting there, having a chat with Rosa Parks."
     Susan Gilmor, Winston-Salem Journal (2009)

"...magnificent! Superbly done! I was actually disappointed when it ended... I wanted more. Standing ovation with loud screams and whistles! People want her back, they were moved in so many ways."
     Nelfred Blanding, Fairfax County Government (Black History Program)

"From the time Ms. Joyce stepped on stage, audiences were enamored with her resemblance, her delivery, and her passion filled with truth and the delicious portrayal of Rosa Parks. She embraced the essence of a woman that humanized the world."
     Eileen J. Morris, Artistic Director, The Houston Ensemble Theatre

""superb portrayal of Mrs. Rosa Parks. ...absolutely mesmerizing!""
     Lula Golden-Lacey, Pres. CA Chapter, Stillman College Alumni

"...performance was spectacular. ...displayed her sly humor and her elegant manner. ...captured speech, etiquette, appearance and most importantly the fire within. "
     Mary Montoro, -- NAACP Awards

"Stunning.... Brilliant."
     Woodie King, Jr., New Federal Theatre, Black Touring Circuit, NYC

"Thank you so much.... It's so important that this story is shared with all Americans. I feel honored & blessed to be in the audience of this play. Ella portrays Rosa Parks so well - I felt like I was in conversation with Rosa herself! Ella, thank you for your research, passion and talent!"
     Rebecca Mendoza, Sr. Process Engineer, NEUTROGENA

"Ella Joyce's performance of Rosa Parks in "A Rose Among Thorns" was outstanding, inspirational, captivating and uplifting! As educational as it was entertaining. It gave me chills and made me proud. A must see for every generation! Thank you for bringing this play to Neutrogena."
     Ronda Hutchison, Sr. Exec. Asst., NEUTROGENA, Los Angeles, CA

"....thanks to Ella Joyce's love and devotion to tell Rosa Parks' real story I can appreciate the past even more. I really appreciated this show."
     Marshall Payne, UC Santa Cruz

"I LOVED the performance. I learned more about Rosa Parks in that hour than in my four years of high school. I felt like I had tea with Rosa Parks !"
     Tiffany Loftin, University of California Santa Cruz

"I really enjoyed this play. Very informative and entertaining. I would encourage others to take part in the journey through Rosa Parks' life. Thank you Ms. Ella Joyce. You're great."
     Danyale Bell, University of California Santa Cruz

"A ROSE AMONG THORNS and the performance of Ella Joyce were EXCELLENT!...a very refreshing twist. Surprisingly, I learned a lot of facts about the event that led up to the Montgomery Bus Boycott that I did not know"
     Aisha McGough, M.P.A. Grants Coordinator, City of Montgomery

"I am blessed of greater enlightenment of the humanity of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Thank you. I adore the brightness and freshness of the simplicity of the pansies. To me performance by Ms. Joyce is as the pansie in a "field" of roses; adding a mystic freshness as only the common can do. I am thankful for the creativenss and performance of 'A Rose Among Thorns'."
     Andrew Dawkins, Chaplain, Department of Veterans Affairs, Montgomery, AL

"Her unique talent transcends mere "acting", and becomes something akin to "transfiguration". She embodies the character and soul of our dear Mother, Rosa Parks and presents a firsthand narrative of this biographical depiction of one woman's acceptance of her God-given destiny to see right overcome wrong, and light to overcome darkness."
     J. Keith Jackson, Inner City News, New Haven, CT

"...thoroughly fantastic, energetic and powerful. It is like sitting and watching Rosa Parks tell her life story. I would encourage every elementary, middle, and high school student and anyone involved with the civil rights movement to see this fantastic one-woman performance."
     Vice Mayor Carlton B. Moore, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"...performance was brilliant and brought me to tears. I can truly say "Rosa" thank you for teaching us that there is a time to sit and a time to stand! Ella, thank you for sitting with us and standing for the deeper message of "A Rose Among Thorns"!"
     Dr. Khephera Jesal, Natural Healing Institute, MI

"The performance given by Ms. Joyce was mesmerizing to the theatre goers. In short, Ella Joyce became Rosa Parks."
     Ed Haynes, Publisher, Urban Theater and Entertainment Magazine

"Bravo to Ella Joyce's writing and acting, everything works well together to make it an on-the-edge seat experience and one you want to sketch in your mind forever."
     Julia E. Brown, Editor-In-Chief, Urban Theatre and Entertainment Magazine

"Ella Joyce is spellbinding."
     Ed Bumgardner, WINSTON-SAMLEM JOURNAL-National Black Theatre Festival

" 'A Rose Among Thorns' is a well-crafted play on Rosa Parks. ...classy ...warm, engaging performance. ...Joyce is an appealing actress, and a thoughtful, thorough writer who merges the woman with history and many other players both celebrated and unknown. ...There is no doubt that theaters are where Joyce's "A Rose Among Thorns" ultimately belongs. ...The large repertoire of one-person theatrical dramas is long overdue for a woman of color as significant as this."
     Jack Zink, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"...more than a make-work project. It's a historical social mission, designed for church groups, schools and corporate presentations, providing a ground-level view of ordinary people who created extraordinary circumstances."
     South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"Ella Joyce electrified some 250 people..."
     Allan Appel, New Haven Independent

"Very enjoyable and heartfelt... Not only should this story be told to all children in US schools, but also in the UK."
     Joanne Griffith, Journalist, BBC

"" silence from adults and kids alike as they saw Rosa Parks come to life.""
     Allan Appel, New Haven Independent

"The success of the piece is that the Parks who emerges from Joyce's performance is humanized and put in context, yet loses none of her inspirational power or iconic status. That's no mean theatrical achievement. The repeated applause and connection between performer and audience testified not only to the professionalism of the show but the enduring meaning of the Parks story to the current generation -- especially the women in the audience...""
     Allan Appel, New Haven Independent

""...just outstanding.""
     Janice Johnson, Teacher, West Side Academy, Detroit, MI

""It was like looking at Aunt Rosie (as we called her) when she was younger. My brother said it gave him chills because it was just like looking at our cousin. She was a wonderful person and the play is wonderful about her. Everything is exactly right. I brought more relatives a second time, and they just loved it!""
     Barbara Alexander, Cousin to Rosa Parks

"Take your daughters, take a friend, go see this show!! ...Invite your class at school... any groups you belong to. Ella Joyce is an awesome actress -- please support this fine production.""
     LynneConner, Publicity4You

""...Stands to be among this festival's most important and commanding nights of theater.""
     Ed Bamgardner, Winston-Salem Journal---NATIONAL BLACK THEATER FESTIVAL '07

"" becomes hard to remember that it is Joyce, not Parks, who is holding court, educating and entertaining the audience.""
     Ed Bamgardner, Winston-Salem Journal

""You must see it to believe unforgetable must-see show"."
     Michael Ajakwe Jr., Emmy-winning Producer, 2-Time NAACP Award winning playwright

""...fantastic! Should put on DVD. It would sell out. I remembered the drinking fountains and bathrooms. I remembered the struggle...I was moved to tears. Ella's interpretation of Rosa was poignant & uplifting. It made me appreciate again how far we've come.""
     Patricia A. Johnson, UCLA Capital Programs

""Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to see you on stage!" --Susan Ruggiero, English Language Arts Teacher

"...really exciting, I really thought you were Rosa Parks." --Tyler Forster, student
"...I felt like I was there back in history with Rosa Parks." --Chyanne Thomas, student
"...really enjoyed the play... One person can make a difference." --Ariel Baptiste, student
"...loved the performance! Great. Fantastic. Amazing actress. ...When I grow up I want to be an actress." -- Zaria Smith, student

     from Renaissance Middle School, I.S 192 --Class 623-- Queens, NY

""She shows Parks feisty, sweet, humorous and vulnerable... This is as close to the real deal that we are ever going to get.""
     Los Angeles Sentinel

""Joyce transformed herself completely in body, mind and patois of Parks. In missing this incredible performance, you will be cheating yourself and the younger generation in knowing the real history.""
     Mary E. Montoro, LOS ANGELES SENTINEL

""Ella Joyce doesn't play Rosa Parks -- she channels her. You really have to see it to believe it. This play really takes you on a remarkable journey. I can't say enough about Ella's writing. It's as important, to me, as Ella's acting. Dan Martin's fluid direction is also commendable. Everything works so well together to make it an unforgetable, must see show"."
     Michael Ajakwe Jr., Emmy-winning Producer, NAACP Award winning playwright

"...Impressive... I consider your performance to be the epitome of acting. ...and yet you did it almost entirely sitting down in one spot. You proved that the actor doesn't have to physically move wildly about, he or she only has to make our minds and imaginations move. You certainly did that. I am inspired by you and Dan and thank you for putting on such an outstanding show."
     Earnest Harris, Director, Filmmaker, Marlo Productions

""...inspiring, uplifting and beautifully presented. Kudos!""
     Carolyn Ray, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

"Very enjoyable and heartfelt... Not only should this story be told to all children in US schools, but also in the UK."
     Joanne Griffith, Journalist

"...touched my soul."
     Dawn Pitt, Legal Assistant

"Definitely insightful, informative and alive. It really needs to get to the schools..."
     Judge Mablean

"If you did already hold Rosa Parks dear in your heart, you will after seeing this show. And you probably will hold Ella Joyce there as well... Highly recommended."
     T'Keyah Crystal Keymah

"...phenomenal!! Incredibly moving. Take your daughters, friends, invite your class at school or groups... Please support this fine production."
     Lynne Conner, Publicity4You

"I knew Mrs. Parks was a powerful, strong individual, but didn't know just how strong she was. Excellent, superb presentation... Simply magnificent."
     Doris Trammell, Raytheon Company

"Our Diversity Counsel has presented several one-person plays, and I love them! The plays take you back into history -- and suddenly I am in the living room with Rosa Parks! What a wonderful exprience and a great learning tool. Thank you for the adventure."
     Vicki Breding-Walker, Raytheon Co.

"Great presentation and most informative."
     Linda C. Black, Human Resources Specialist

"...It broadened my understanding of what really happened. I absolutely recommend this show. Thank you."
     Gregory V. Hall, Sr. Supply Chain Specialist, Raytheon Aerospace Defense

"...thank you for such a remarkable experience. It is a part of history that all walks of life can benefit from."
     Terry A. Morris, Mgmt. Asst. Senior, Raytheon Aerospace

"...enlightening, and inspirational performance. Highly recommended."
     Darryl Wooldridge, Director Operations, Raytheon Corp.

"Fantastic experience -- really gets you involved."
     Sam Eiferman, SQE, Raytheon Corp.

"Rich and potent, dignified and sweet, sad and encouraging."
     Shelley Oden, Quality Inspection Supv. Tactical Airborne Systems

"...exceptional actress. Very inspirational. How lucky we are to be living at a time when diversity is promoted and accepted in our country!""
     Jessica Muberaki, Electrical Engineer, Raytheon Corp.

"Her story made me cry. It open my eyes to history... encouraged me to read more about Civil Rights era."
     Nita Thakur, SW Engineer, Raytheon Corp.

     Woodie King, Jr., New Federal Theatre

"The show was phenomenal! How Ella sat in one spot and kept each of us captivated, enraptured in the palm of her hand is beyond my comprehension... I just know she did it! Ella Joyce's passion is strong and clear as is Mrs. Parks' story. Thank you for sharing.""
     Candy Brown-Houston, Actress

"Just brilliant. It is a piece that stays with you much information to the forefront. Rosa has got to be smiling down on you from heaven. Fabulous."
     Carlease Burke, Actress

"I didn't see Ella... I saw Rosa Parks."
     Bebe Drake

"...One of the most beautiful theatre pieces we have had the pleasure to produce. Thank you Ella!!"
     Sloan Robinson, Actress, Theatre Producer

"...phenomenal. I learned so much about Rosa Parks."
     Cheryl Downey, Safety Engineer

"Unbelievably wonderful."
     John Wesley, Actor

"...enlightening, informative, and inspirational."
     Michael Bourgeois, Entrepreneur

"So often Rosa Parks is turned into a stiff paragraph in a chapter about The Civil Rights Movement in history books. I enjoyed seeing her humanized. Would be wonderful for schools."
     Diarra Kilpatrick, Actress

"Quiet power and dignity... represented Rosa well. She would be proud. May God bless your talent and efforts."
     Ernie King, Actor

"Ella, you are luminescent! Everyone should see this -- very, very important."
     Donna Walker, Actress & KPFK Producer

"Having the spirit of Rosa come through a vessel like Ella Joyce is the perfect combination for any stage. It is such a lovely adventure through Rosa's life and I can't even begin to express how much truth I learned...It's magic, it's history, it's what makes me proud to be Black African American, Negro & Colored!!!"
     Virginia Watson

"...simply amazing. I had no idea the show would be that powerful. It reminded me of Denzel's performance as Malcolm, where the work is so powerful you no longer see them - the actor - but instead you see the actual person they are portraying. Ella Joyce is truly special and gifted."
     Wallace Demarria, Actor "A Simple Promise"

"Ella Joyce truly makes Rosa Parks and an era come alive in a way that honors and celebrates Rosa, brave individuals, and the spirit of dignity and freedom. A moving treasure. Ella is the spirit and medium of Rosa's life's message."
     Peggy Berlin, Ph.D., Psychologist

"...expressed well. Without a doubt, Mrs. Parks' knew God was her strength and guide through it all. A great performance!"
     Shri Natha Devi Premananda

"Elegant, graceful presentation. Ms. Ella Joyce gave a dignified, strong performance."
     Jacqueline Arkord, Instructor L.A.U.S.D.

"I was overwhelmed with a range of emotions... tears of sadness and tears of joy. Being a young artist and a child of a child of the Civil Rights Movement, it gave hope to change and it also gave a powerful voice to Black women again. Excellent performance. Absolutely amazing."
     Muslimah Muhammad, Actor

"...superb presentation!"
     Ruby T. Hord, Retired R.N.

"I actually "learned". It was rather scary, for I truly believed Mrs. Parks was here in the theatre speaking through Ella Joyce to us. It touched me so much and inspired me. Thank you for this experience!"
     Tiffany R.R. Stanley, Actress

"I think Rosa Parks' spirit is moving through you dear Ella Joyce. I feel like I have met her and had intimate conversation with this wonderful and profound human being. ...amazing actress... moved me beyond words."
     Maria Bryant, Business Development Coordinator, a McCann Erickson Company

"Very moving and inspiring. Amazing performance, powerful show. A must see."
     Anneli & Michael Molin-Skelton

"...extremely well done! I was transfixed by the play. I could definitely see it again!"
     Kerry Adren Winn, Sr. Broadcast Business Manager, Advertising Agency

"A pure channel -- I did not just meet Ella Joyce, I met Rosa Parks.... my heart was moved, my mind was opened -- my being expanded. I am grateful for this experience. Wonderful directing."
     Jesse Earl Hanson, Holistic Health Practitioner

"I learned many things that I didn't already know. It was an amazing history lesson that filled my heart. I believed Ms. Joyce as Mrs. Rosa Parks completely. What a joyous experience that I will always cherish."
     Johari Funches-Penny, Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles

"Ella Joyce illluminates the stage with the heart, soul, and truth of Rosa Parks' life. She reveals the depth of humanity of this great historical figure. We are all reminded that greatness simply comes from the courage to say yes to life and to the prospect of freedom for all. Thank you and bless you for this powerful and touching work. Brilliantly directed!"
     Dr. Jan Berlin, Clinical Psychologist

"...absolutely terrific. Very educational and beautifully done. A "must see" production. My mother and I felt that Rosa was truly alive in the room."
     Marcia Mosebay


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