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Ella Joyce - Funkacize Instructor

Funkacize Class at Elite Dance Studio

Funkacize Class event in Hawthorne, CA

Funkacize Class - shake a tail feather! at Irma's Dance Studio, Hawthorne, CA

Funkacize class in Woodland Hills, CA

Ella Joyce, Funkacize Instructor

Ella Joyce, Funkacize Instructor, enjoy!

Funkacize Party in Woodland Hills, CA

Funkacize Class - all ages, all folks enjoy

Funkacize class Apr 2015

Funkacize Halloween 2014

Ella Joyce (young dancer)

Funkacize girls having fun

Funkacize Class fun

Funkacize Class Party, hosted by Diane Butler, Esq.

Funkacize in Woodland Hills

Guys love Funkacize too !

Ella Joyce's Funkacize Birthday Party, June 2014

Funkacize Class party

Funkacize class party at Elite Dance Studio

Funkacize stretching

Funkacize Class-Birthday Party for Ella

First Funkacize Class in Oct 2014

Funkacize Class - kids love it too.

Funkacize Fun in Detroit

Funkacize friends, Ella Joyce, Carlease Burke, and Dan Martin

Funkacizer - Dan Martin

Funkacize socks

Funkacized - at BAM in Detroit

Ella Joyce, creator of FUNKACIZE

Funkacize at BAM in July

Funkacize with Dorothy of BAM in Detroit

Funkacize in Hawthorne, CA

Funkacize mothers in Detroit. (Ella's Mom in black tshirt).

Ella Joyce

Funkacize in Detroit. Senior Citizens - Yes!

Funkacizing to Thriller in masks on Halloween !

Ella Joyce and Dr. Khephera of The Natural Healing Institute in Michigan

Our Funkacize Mommas in Detroit

Funkacize girls in Woodland Hills, CA

Funkacize stretching

Funkacize friends! Ella Joyce and Kacey the Songbird

Funkacize Fridays in California

Ella Joyce in Detroit at BAM

Funkacize Class Party event - Ella Joyce with Diane Butler, esq. - in Hawthorne, CA

Funkacize Class Party at Irma's Dance Studio

Funkacize Party !


Funkacize Men love Funkacizing in Hawthorne, CA

Funkacize happy smiles

Funkacize happy smiles for kids

Guys love soulful Funkacize. Ella Joyce and Sire James

Funkacizer Maria Howell

Shake a tail feather!

Funkacize with low mood lights

Phaedra Harris Casting - Funkacize Class Birthday Party.

Funkacize fun in Woodland Hills


Bunnie Hoye (Ella's Mom, in black shirt)

Funkacize puts a smile on the face.

Funkacize class Soul Power

Ella Joyce, Actress & Funkacize Instructor

Funkacize fun! Young ladies love dancing with Ella

funky Monkey workout

Funkacize - funky good time (sometimes even the young folks get a little winded, & have to sit dow

Funkacize freestyle jamm

The guys have fun too.

Funkacize energy

reaching happiness. (photo: Dan Martin)

Funkacize Soul Power (photo by Dan Martin)

Funkacize Halloween in Hawthorne, Calif. at Irma's Dance Studio

Funkacizing to Thriller on Halloween !

Funkacize - Sweet 16 Birthday Girl

Funkacize Class -- Sweet 16 party joy!

Funkacize Sweet 16 PARTY DANCE CLASS

Funkacize is really FUN! when young people smile too...

Funkacize - do the monkey!!

Funkacize Sweet 16 Party - dressed in 70s fun!

Sweet 16 Funkacize Birthday party

Sweet 16 Birthday Girl having fun


Daughter & Dad love Funkacize.

Ella having Funkacize Halloween fun.

Funkacize Halloween in Hawthorne

going to a Halloween jamm

Funkacize birthday party.

Funkacize in Detroit at BAM's - doing the Monkey - Thanksgiving, Nov. 2015.

Funkacize crowd in DETROIT. Much Love.

kids love Funkacize! at Evolution Dance Studios, in North Hollywood.

He wasn't paid to smile. It's honest.

Funkacize class, learning the camel walk

Funkacize class funky chicken

Funkacize hot smiles in Jan. 2016

Funkacize class Feb. 2016

Funkacize - partying on a Friday nite.

funkacize jammin'

teaching the camel walk.

Ella and Carlease

Funkacize stretching & flexing.

Funkacize class - blurry photo, but happy smiles comes through anyway.

having so much fun -- it's ridiculous.

Funkacize man size smile.

teaching camel walk

Funkacize smiles in April 2016.

Funkacize class selfie.

kids love Funkacize.

funkacize soul mash potatoes stir up smiles.

funkacize fun & smiles

Funkacizers at Evolution Dance Studios in North Hollywood (May 2016)

a Funkacize Friday class, May 2016

class in May 2016.

Ella's Funkacize Birthday Party June 2016

Ella Joyce -- FUNKACIZE makes you flexible.

smiles, fun, laughter & sweat.

Funkacize Class 2016

Funkacize Class Feb. 2017 FUNKY MONDAYS



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